Management Integral is a consultancy company which specializes in working with organizations to ensure that all aspects of communication are systematically addressed.


Communication Strategy

Management Integral can help you determine the right type of communication, through the design and implementation of a communication strategy.  Management Integral will evaluate all the stakeholders and will identify key objectives for a communication strategy as well as key audiences that need to be reached.

Digital Strategy

Our strategy will include a comprehensive digital strategy . MI Ltd will look at how you can engage your stakeholders using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. Our team will plan for the publishing of e-news, podcast, online newsletters, website design, management and improvement, advertising and email campaigns. Management will make a thorough diagnostic and develop a plan of actions.

Following the evaluation, Management Integral will develop communication strategy which will be validated through a consultative process.

The communication strategy will take into account the following key management decisions:

  • Audience

  • Objective

  • Message

  • Tactic and

  • Monitoring.

Management Integral can support you in the implementation of the communication strategy by including a plan/schedule for the first years. We will help implement the communication strategy, acting as a senior consultant to the organizational senior management team and/or communication team. Please contact us or click on Shop to purchase a Communication strategy package!

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